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Mike McElyea ~ Stockdog Trainer and Owner ~ Portland, Tennessee~ 615-477-4130~


Mike McElyea, Owner

Here at Stockdog Exchange we do customized professional training. I have more than 25 years of experience in training dogs on livestock. My philosophy is "A happy dog is more willing to learn."

We offer sheep dog training on a limited basis.
Geese dog training is also available upon request.

All training is done humanely. I am a firm believer in kind, humane training of all dogs. No electrical devices are used in my training.

Nutrition and good health are essential to the well being and performance of the hard working dogs.

Remember... Match the dog to the owner and the job to be done.


We Aim to Please!!
*Shipping costs are non-refundable.
Will offer a replacementon trained dogs ONLY  if the dog doesn't perform as described by myself or video.  Refunds ONLY if agreed on prior to sale by trainer.


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Photography by Michael McElyea


The Stockdog Exchange offers:



Stockdog Exchange offers sheep dog training on a limited basis.
Stockdog Exchange offers basic obedience lessons.
Stockdog Exchange offers custom herding lessons.

Stockdog Exchange offers free assessment of your dog's herding ability.

Stockdog Exchange offers geese dog training available upon request.


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